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Your obligations under the Regulations

The Gas Safety (Gas installation) Regulations 2018 (Part 4) require specific information to be provided to ESV by persons seeking acceptance of a gas installation.

Required applicant information

The following applicant information is required:

  • Name of applicant
  • Business address
  • VBA licence number
  • Contact details, and
  • The installation address

Gas installation or Type B appliance information

Details about the complex gas installation or Type B appliance must also be provided.
The information required is dependent on a number of factors detailed in Schedules 7, 8, 9, 10 and 11, located at the end of the Regulations.

Thresholds have been set to categorise gas installations – the information required depends on the category of the gas installation.

Applications for all complex gas installations must include the information listed in Schedule 7 of the Regulations.
However, Regulation 26 (2) states that an application must contain or be accompanied by the information listed in Schedule 8, in addition to the Schedule 7 requirements if the gas installation is to:

  • have a total gas rate exceeding 3.8 gigajoules (3800 MJ) per hour, or
  • have an operating pressure exceeding 200 kilopascals, or
  • be installed in a building exceeding 10 storeys above the ground.

If a gas installation contains a Type B appliance, an application for acceptance of the gas installation must also contain or be accompanied by the information listed in Schedule 9.