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E-cables branded power cable

Nov 2014

ESV has issued a mandatory recall notice to E Cables Pty Ltd for copper clad aluminium (CCA) power cable with RE110 insulation supplied since 2011. The recall notice relates to all sizes and configurations of power cable with RE110 insulation, which includes all SDI sizes 10mm2 – 630mm2 and multicore 6mm2 – 50mm2.

Testing showed that the cable was non-compliant due to a manufacturing fault that identified the cable’s insulation sheath had not been cross-linked. Due to the non-cross linking of the insulation, the cable’s mechanical properties are reduced with the increase of temperature. This can allow access to live parts if the cable is subject to pressure like cable ties, the weight of other cables or accidental penetration from foreign objects.

The cables were sold between January 2011 and June 2014. To warn other workers about the potential hazards of the cable, electricians who have installed this product are advised to return to the installation where this cable has been installed and attach warning labels to the cable and at the switchboard while the recall process takes place.

E Cables has been placed into liquidation from January 2015 and a liquidator, Hamilton Murphy, has been appointed. All affected parties have been contacted by either E Cables in 2014 or E Cables liquidator in 2015, and a data collection form has been provided for the installation conditions of where the cable has been installed. The data collection form is required to be filled in and returned to E Cables liquidator for analysis and remediation actions to reduce the operating temperature of the affected cable to below 50 Degrees Celsius.

The actions to achieve the above temperature limits are:

  • Change of the circuit protection rating
  • Reducing the ambient temperature of the cable
  • Identifying and labelling the affected circuit with warning labels
  • Regular inspections of the insulation of the cable

If the above mentioned actions cannot be performed or are not suitable, replacement of the cable is required. If you have installed the recalled E Cables cable and have not been contacted by E Cables or the E Cables liquidator please contact Hamilton Murphy on (03) 9024 6244.

Any unused product should be returned to the supplier or the wholesaler.

Electricians with queries can phone ESV on (03) 9203 9700.