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Complex gas applications and compliance certificates

As the regulator for gas safety, ESV is responsible for ensuring that all new and existing gas installations are safe and meet requirements as stated in applicable Acts and Regulations.

ESV accepts applications for acceptance for all complex gas installations and Type B gas appliances (previously known as an ESV Start Work and Compliance Notice) from licensed gas professionals.

All new gas applications must be submitted via GasTrac. This will ensure faster turnaround times for Gas Supply Approvals and Gas Installation Acceptances.

For all completed standard gas installations licensed gasfitters must lodge a Compliance Certificate with the Victorian Building Authority (VBA) after it has been issued to the owner/occupier.

ESV Application for Acceptance or VBA Compliance Certificate?

The type of building and/or the complexity of the installation determines whether an ESV Application for Acceptance or a VBA Compliance Certificate is required. Some gas installations may require both.

Generally, VBA Compliance Certificates are required for ‘standard gas installations’ in domestic and light commercial premises while ESV applications for acceptance apply to ‘complex gas installations’ and Type B appliance installations in all other premises.

For more information, see Gas Information Sheet No. 33 Gas Installation Notification.

Application for Acceptance

Before connecting gas to a complex gas installation or a Type B appliance, an Application for Acceptance must be submitted to ESV by the licensed gas professional and acceptance granted by ESV. A Schedule 9 accompanying the Application for Acceptance is required for a new, modified or relocated Type B appliance.

On completion of work, the licensed gas professional must complete and lodge the Statement of Compliance (Schedule 11) with ESV.
Failure to do so is an offence.

The relevant gas distribution company requires notification of acceptance of the gas installation from ESV before gas will be supplied to the premises.

Compliance Certificates

On completion of work on a standard gas installation or prescribed standard installation, a licensed gasfitter must lodge a Compliance Certificate with the Victorian Building Authority and provide a copy to the person for whom the work was carried out within five days of the completion of the plumbing work:

  • if the work involves installing, relocating or replacing a gas appliance, or
  • where the cost of repair and servicing work exceeds $750.

Section 221ZH (1) (a) of the Building Act 1993 states: Or any higher amount fixed by the Regulations.

The Regulations 2018 state: For the purposes of section 221ZH (1) (a) of the Act, the amount fixed is $750.

A licensed gasfitter must provide the relevant gas distribution company with a Compliance Certificate number before gas will be supplied to a new installation.

Failure to complete and lodge a Compliance Certificate where required is an offence.

Complying with obligations

At the completion of all standard and complex work, the licensed person must ensure the installation is safe.

It is the obligation of the licensed gas professional to ensure the completed installation is compliant with all applicable Acts, Regulations and Standards.

Contact us

If you have any queries in relation to complex gas installation applications, please contact our Gas Technical Helpline directly on 1800 652 563 and press 4 or at