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Type A and Type B appliance definitions

Type A appliances

The Gas Safety Act defines a Type A appliance as:

  1. An appliance (including a second-hand appliance) for which an acceptance scheme has been authorised by ESV in accordance with section 68, or
  2. An appliance that has been accepted under section 69.

Domestic and light commercial type appliances, such as cookers, space heaters, central heaters, water heaters, catering equipment and leisure appliances, are Type A appliances.

Type B appliances

The Gas Safety Act defines a Type B appliance as an appliance (including a second-hand appliance) with gas consumption in excess of 10MJ/h, including any components and fittings downstream of and including the appliance manual shut-off valve, but does not include a Type A appliance.

Acceptance procedure for Type B appliances and complex gas installations

ESV has a procedure to be followed by all persons wishing to install, modify or commission new or second hand Type B appliances or carry out complex gas installation work.

Full details of ESV’s application and acceptance process along with requisite forms are located in the Gas installations and approvals pages.

The steps include:

  • Ensure all relevant information has been supplied a month prior to gas being required.
  • Ensure the information has been accepted before commissioning of gas is required.
  • Ensure an ESV complex gas installation application has been submitted at least 48 hours prior to gas being required for commissioning.
  • At least seven days before hand-over of the appliance to the customer, ensure that an appointment has been made with an ESV inspector to witness any required tests.
  • When accepted by the ESV, an appliance will be allocated an acceptance label. This must be attached to the appliance before handing over to the consumer.
  • Any installation of a Type B appliance is a complex gas installation. ESV complex gas installation application must be provided for both the consumer piping installation and the appliance.
  • Special conditions apply for steel welding work, fusion jointing of polyethylene pipe, hot tapping and installation work over 200 kPa gas pressure.

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