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Replacing components on installed appliances

ESV understands that sometimes original components found in certified appliances may no longer be available. The following information is applicable in these situations.

Replacement component safety

Any replacement component must be as per the original (like for like) or a non-original replacement component must provide equal or better safety than the original.

Conditions to consider

The original certification or acceptance of an appliance may be compromised if a replacement safety component is not verified as having an equivalent or better safety performance.

The installer of the replacement component must check with the manufacturer of the appliance or the replacement component manufacturer/supplier for suitability in the application.

Where the manufacturer of the replacement component has provided a list of suitable applications where the component can be used and a fault transpires with the replacement component or the appliance in the application that is attributed to the replacement component the responsibility for any consequence will remain with the manufacturer of the replacement component.

Type B appliances

For a Type B appliance, the replacement of a safety related component that is not a direct like for like replacement requires a submission to ESV.

Certified gas appliances and components

If you have an enquiry about the certification of an appliance or component, including which products have been type-tested and certified, refer to the AGA, SAI Global, IAPMO R&T Oceana, Global-Mark or BSI websites.

Contact us

If you have any queries in relation to replacing components on an installed appliance, please contact our Gas Technical Helpline directly on 1800 652 563 or at