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Installing and servicing appliances

ESV is responsible for providing gas professionals with information about certified appliances and their components, who can do what repairs and installation work, and ensuring that work is safe and accepted.

Extent of permitted appliance work

Gasfitters should only do work for which they are competent.

Some types of appliances require specialist knowledge. Gasfitters should never work on an appliance they do not understand. Contact the manufacturer, component supplier, or ESV, if you are in any doubt about the operation and safety performance of any gas appliance or component.

Licence endorsement for conversion (a special class of plumbing work) permits a gasfitter to carry out appliance conversion work.

Only persons with a Type B gasfitting endorsement are permitted to work on Type B appliances.

Consumers should always ask to see the gasfitter’s licence.

Contact us

If you have any queries in relation to the installation and servicing of gas appliances and equipment, please contact our Gas Technical Helpline directly on 1800 652 563 or at