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Applying for a cathodic protection system

Section 93(1) of the Electricity Safety Act 1998 (the Act) prohibits the operation of a cathodic protection system unless that system is registered with Energy Safe Victoria in accordance with the Electrical Safety (Cathodic Protection) Regulations 2019.

Application requirements

To make an application, you are required to be an authorised representative of the cathodic protection system owner.

Where required, you will also need the following information for your application to be submitted:

  • A completed authorisation form from the cathodic protection system owner
  • A completed consent form from the cathodic protection system operator (if the owner is not the operator)
  • System drawings
  • A layout map
  • Electronic copies of the contacts made with any structure owners likely to be affected by the system and their response/s
  • Payment (refer to the registration fee schedule at the bottom of this page).

Making an application via ESVConnect

All registrations for cathodic protection systems must now be submitted and managed online via ESVConnect.

Click HERE for more information about ESVConnect and to login or register for Registration of Cathodic Protection Systems.

How ESVConnect works

From the ESVConnect dashboard, you can view your applications and respond to requests for more information.

You can also view the registrations you own or represent.

For returning users, if you select an existing registration from the list, the system’s details will display and you can:

  • initiate a renewal or
  • notify ESV about
    • the date of operation
    • any modifications made
    • a transfer of ownership or
    • a change of operator.

Note that your cathodic protection system registration may not appear in the list if ESV’s business or contact details for you are incomplete.

If a registration is missing, contact ESV via the ‘Ask a Question‘ function and provide details about the missing system (or systems) so our records may be updated.

User guide

Download and read the ESVConnect Registration of Cathodic Protection Systems User guide.

Registration fees

Cathodic protection system registration fees depend on the system’s output and are set annually by the Victorian Government.

Registration fees (including GST) are:

  • $144.99 for a total output of up to and including 250 milliamperes (8.77 fee units)
  • $362.82 for a total output over 250 milliamperes and up to and including 2 amperes (21.95 fee units)
  • $819.54 for a total output over 2 amperes (49.57 fee units).

Need support?

If you have any questions about the new ESVConnect Registration of Cathodic Protection Systems process, contact ESV’s Electrolysis Mitigation team, on (03) 9203 9700 or email