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The Blue Book

2022 draft Blue Book – released for public consultation

The Electrical Safety Committee has revised The Blue Book 2017.

The draft 2022 Blue Book is now available for public comments. 


The Consultation period will close at 5pm, 24 August 2022. 





About The Blue Book

The Code of Practice on electrical safety for work on or near high voltage electrical apparatus

Part of ESV’s role is to ensure high safety standards are maintained for the design, construction, operation and maintenance of electrical installations and electricity supply networks. The ‘Code of Practice on Electrical Safety for Work on or Near High Voltage Electrical Apparatus’ (The Blue Book) is an essential part of that role.

The Blue Book was originally developed in the 1920s by the former State Electricity Commission of Victoria. It sets out key safety principles and minimum electrical safety requirements for work on or near high voltage electrical apparatus.

The Blue Book is incorporated into the statutory framework by the Electricity Safety (General) Regulations 2019 (Regulations), which require some classes of workers and asset owners to comply with it.

The Blue Book is maintained by the Electrical Safety Committee (ESC), established under Section 8 of the Energy Safe Victoria Act 2005.

Owners and operators of the electricity supply networks, high voltage electrical installations and complex electrical installations are required to comply with the Blue Book.

The Blue Book 2017

The 2017 Blue Book remains current until such time as the 2022 Blue Book is finalised and released as a final version, which ESV expects to do in late 2022.

The Code of Practice on Electrical Safety for Work On or Near High Voltage Electrical Apparatus, (The Blue Book) is revised and republished every five years to ensure the safety standards for work on or near high voltage electrical apparatus are fit for purpose, reflect industry best practice and are improved where possible.

The first draft was released in June 2017, open to public comment. Since its last publishing, the 2017 edition has made 18 amendments, excluding typographical and formatting errors.

Electrical Safety Committee (ESC)

The objective of the ESC is to review and further develop The Blue Book to facilitate the electrical safety of electrical generation, transmission and distribution systems, the traction supply network, and high voltage electrical installations.

The ESC consists of representatives from various industry sectors including electricity supply companies, traction companies, the electrical worker’s union, electrical contracting services providers, WorkSafe Victoria and the Victorian Customer Electrical Safety Committee (VSESC).

Victorian Customer Electrical Safety Committee (VCESC)

The VCESC (formerly the HV Customer Sub-Committee of the ESC) represents Victorian high voltage customers to support and improve electrical safety in Victoria. VCESC objectives are:

  • to make recommendations to ESV/ ESC on changes to improve electrical safety,
  • to provide representatives for the Electrical Safety Committee (ESC), and
  • to provide a mechanism for customers in industry to raise other identified issues pertaining to electrical hazards, installations and work, and make representation as required.

Contact the VCESC by email at