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Underground assets

There are a number of different types of assets installed underground in Victoria. These include:

  • all electricity cables up to and including 66kV
  • all electricity cables greater than 66kV
  • telecommunications cables
  • assets listed under the Pipelines Act
  • all gas pipelines other than those listed above
  • water, drainage and sewerage pipelines.

A person must not penetrate deeper than 300 millimetres on any land where underground assets are located unless the person has inspected any relevant records.

Relevant records are held by the asset owner or via the Dial Before You Dig (DBYD) service. A free service, via DBYD’s website.

ESV produces stickers (pictured below) outlining the exclusions listed above. These are available via our Merchandise page.

No Go Zones - Underground clearances image

More information

Read more on exclusions and clearances on WorkSafe’s website.

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If you have questions about No Go Zones or underground clearances, contact our Safety Outcomes Assurance team on (03) 9203 9700 or by email at