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If you require the services of a spotter, contact one of the organisations on this list.

Where a spotter is to be used, the contractor must ensure they are properly inducted into all site safety procedures including the relevant Safe Work Method Statement (SWMS).

The spotter must remain at the task for the entire time the earthmoving equipment is required to operate in accordance with the SWMS. The spotter may only observe for one item of operating earthmoving equipment at any time.

The spotter must also carefully position themselves so they can monitor the distance between the equipment and the lines, and must provide early and effective warning to the earthmoving equipment operator of any potential encroachment on the No Go Zone.

Spotters for overhead electrical lines shall have completed an endorsed spotter training course by a registered training provider and be competent in the following areas:

  • the design envelopes for the equipment/plant being used
  • the operation and uses of the equipment/plant being used
  • the hazards posed by overhead electrical assets.

Requirements for spotters