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No Go Zones and working around powerlines

In response to electricity-related deaths and accidents on work sites and farms, ESV has taken a lead role in establishing a best practice approach for mechanical plant and equipment such as mobile cranes, tipping trucks, concrete pumping machines, scaffolding and elevated work platforms being operated in near overhead powerlines.

This initiative, known as the ‘No Go Zone’ (NGZ) involved the development, introduction and communication of a consistent set of rules when working near overhead power lines.

The No Go Zone rules describe minimum safety requirements that are dependent on the distance between overhead powerlines and the work being performed.

The following pages provide information about No Go Zones for:


What to do if you or someone else hits a powerline

If you’re in a vehicle that hits or arcs a powerline, stay in the vehicle and call for help.

If you see someone hit a powerline, stay at least eight metres away and call 000.


WorkSafe’s farm safety campaign: Stop, Look up and Live

WorkSafe image - safety around powerlines on farms

Look up and live, and check for powerlines before any work begins

Tips for reducing the risk with overhead powerlines include:

  1. Stack hay and other materials well away from powerlines.
  2. Park oversized machinery away from powerlines.
  3. Rethink your loading zones on the farm – you don’t need to touch a powerline for it to arc.
  4. Talk with workers and contractors about how to work safely around powerlines, and what to do if they hit a powerline.
  5. Remember powerlines can sag in hot weather, which means there may be less distance between yourself and the powerlines than you think.



Aerial powerlines locations on DELWP Spatial DataShare platform

DELWP have worked together with MECs to develop ongoing custodianship agreements and reach in-principal agreement to make Victorian overhead powerline location data available on DELWP new DataShare platform.

Location of the powerlines was officially made available on DELWP Spatial DataShare on 21 September 2021. DELWP published an article as to how the dataset would help emergency services in preparing for the upcoming fire season. For more information click DELWP prepares for fire season”.

This shared data enables emergency managers to coordinate geospatial intelligence to minimise the impact of disaster on people, homes, property and infrastructure. It will also support regional planning, development and collaboration across the border, and strengthen emergency management capabilities for both states, Victoria and NSW.


Who is my power company?

To determine which power company is responsible for the power poles in your area, visit DELWP and enter your address to view maps of the distributor areas.

Below are the contact details for each of the five Victorian power companies and web pages with their Working Near Powerlines information.

AusNet Services

Phone: 1300 360 795


Phone: 131 626

Powercor / CitiPower

Powercor: 132 206
CitiPower: 1300 301 101

United Energy

Phone: 1300 131 689

More information

Follow the links below for more information No Go Zones.

Contact us

If you have questions about No Go Zones or working around powerlines, contact our Safety Outcomes Assurance team on (03) 9203 9700 or by email at