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Managing trees near powerlines

Trees and shrubs growing in close proximity to power lines are a safety risk and can cause fires, blackouts or power surges. Their foliage and branches must be kept clear of powerlines and any electricity infrastructure.

If trees are touching or in close proximity to powerlines, contact your local council or electricity distribution company to seek advice or hire a tree removal specialist (or arborist) to do the work.

For information on specific topics relating to trees and powerlines, follow the links below.

Safety tips for managing trees near powerlines

  • Plant low-growing species near powerlines – ask your electricity distribution company for a list of suitable species for your area.
  • Only authorised powerline pruning contractors should prune trees touching or in close proximity to power lines – contact the Electricity Distribution Business for more information.
  • Before pruning tree branches or foliage, look around you for overhead powerlines.
  • Pruning should be done before trees and shrubs grow to within one metre in any direction of insulated service lines.
  • Avoid pruning in high winds.

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