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Selling safe electrical appliances and equipment

This section provides information about meeting requirements for selling safe and efficient electrical equipment and appliances.

There are regulations that apply to the supply of electrical equipment and appliances. The requirements set out in the regulations must be followed. A failure to do so is a criminal offence.

Recognised approval numbers in Australia

Regulations and Standards apply to all electrical equipment sold or offered for supply in Australia.

Certain types of equipment are classified as prescribed. These pieces of equipment must go through a certification process which ensures the equipment is compliant to the relevant safety standards before being offered for supply in Australia.

Regulatory Compliance Mark (RCM)

Prescribed electrical products must have an RCM on the appliance or an Australian approval number to show that the product has been certified.

This mark is currently recognised by all States and Territories of Australia.

Recognised approval numbers

State regulators Organisation name Approval number or mark
Victoria Energy Safe Victoria (ESV)

ESV <number>

V <number>

New South Wales NSW Fair Trading NSW <number>
Queensland Electrical Safety Office (ESO)

ESO <number> *

Q <number>*

South Australia Office of the Technical Regulator S <number>
Tasmania WorkSafe Tasmania T <number>*


Electrical Equipment Safety System certification body Approval mark
EESS Conformity Certification (CCS)  tick
Queensland Electrical Safety Office (ESO)
WorkSafe Tasmania


NSW recognised external certification body Approval number or mark
International Testing and Certification Services Pty Ltd A/<number>/EA
SAI Global Certification Services Pty Ltd

SAI TE EA <number>

SAI SMK EA <number>


SAA Approvals Pty Ltd SAA <number> EA
Testing and Certification Australia TCA <number> EA
UL International New Zealand Limited U <number> EA
TUV Rheinland Australia Pty Ltd TUV <number> EA
BSI Group (Australia and New Zealand) Pty Ltd BSI-<number>-EA
Global Mark Pty Ltd GMA-<number>-EA
Market Access (AUS) Pty Ltd trading as Certification Body Australia

CBA <number>


Australian Safety Approval ASA-<number>-EA
SGS Australia

SGS EA <number>

SGS <number> EA

The Australian Gas Association (AGA)

AGA <number> G EA

AGA <number> EA


Equipment Approvals Database (ERAC)

The Electrical Regulatory Authority (ERAC) in each State and Territory of Australia administers uniform regulations aimed at preventing the sale of unsafe electrical equipment.

The approval of electrical equipment in Victoria is undertaken by ESV through the ERAC Approvals Database. ERAC gives you information about approving your electrical equipment including manual and guides.

Fee schedule for equipment safety

Review the fee schedule for applications and penalties, here.