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Sale and supply of second-hand equipment

Second-hand equipment are electrical equipment that has previously been supplied or sold, other than by wholesale, but does not include electrical equipment—

  1. Acquired by the person for the purpose of using the equipment for a process of production or manufacture; or
  2. Acquired by a person (other than a second-hand dealer) for the purpose of re-supply; or
  3. Returned to a supplier for refund or exchange

If you are selling or supplying second-hand electrical equipment you must make certain information available to prospective buyers.

Organisations and individuals supplying or offering to supply second-hand electrical equipment must be aware of the legal obligations imposed on them under electricity safety legislation. These are the prescribed requirements:

  • If the item of in-scope electrical equipment is tested for safety, the requirements set out in AS/NZS 5761 and tagged as per the requirements of AS/NZS 5761;

Second Hand equipment compliance label

  • if the item of in-scope electrical equipment is not tested for safety, that the item of in‑scope electrical equipment is—
    • labelled or tagged as second-hand equipment or with the word “used”; and
    • accompanied by information stating that the item of in-scope electrical equipment has not been tested for safety

Standards can be purchased from SAI Global Australia.