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Changes to class specifications

Changes in the class specification for Hedge Clipper, Power supply or charger and Tool – portable type are as follows:

Replace previous class specification with

AS/NZS 60745.2.15 (withdrawal date 20 November 2021) or AS/NZS 62841.4.2.

In the class specification, replace the following:

Safety isolating power supply for fence energizer—AS/NZS 61558.2.16 for switch mode types together with AS/NZS 60335.2.76 and AS/NZS 61558.2.6 for others together with AS/NZS 60335.2.76


Power supply for appliances—AS/NZS 60335.1 and the relevant Part 2 of that series.

Replace previous class specification with

AS/NZS 60745.1 plus the appropriate AS/NZS 60745 series Part 2 (until superseded by the relevant AS/NZS 62841 series Part 2, as stated in the relevant AS/NZS 62841 series part 2); or

AS/NZS 62841.1 plus the appropriate AS/NZS 62841 series Part 2 (able to be applied as soon as published); or

Where there is not an AS/NZS 60745 series Part 2 or an AS/NZS 62841 series part 2 – AS/NZS 3160.