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Marine craft

ESV and Maritime Safety Victoria

ESV and Maritime Safety Victoria have jurisdiction over certain types of marine craft.

Maritime Safety Victoria inspects ‘in-survey’ craft (commercial craft) including commercial fishing boats and hire craft such as houseboats, cruisers and yachts.

All other craft including recreational boats are subject to inspection by ESV. A Gasfitting Notice is required by ESV for all gas work undertaken on marine craft. Victorian Building Authority (VBA) Compliance Certificates do not apply to marine craft.

ESV provides guidance on all general marine gas safety matters.

Boats and marine craft gas safety

LPG use in marine craft presents particular safety issues, for example LPG is heavier than air and if allowed to escape into confined spaces such as a boat hull, may accumulate and form an explosive mixture.

When using LPG on a boat, ensure that:

  • Ventilation is adequate
  • All portable cooking or heating appliances are secured against unexpected movement of the vessel
  • Gas cylinders are securely located, and
  • Gas appliances and equipment are regularly checked.

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Houseboat gas safety

A survey by ESV of houseboats on Lake Eildon found that over 80 per cent had significant gas safety issues.

If you own or use a houseboat follow these safety tips:

  • prevent carbon monoxide poisoning – water heaters must be sealed off from sleeping areas
  • regularly check the operation of gas appliances and their installation on your boat
  • contact a licensed gasfitter for advice and to perform any gas work.

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Contact us

If you have any queries in relation to marine craft and LPG safety or our public awareness campaigns, please contact ESV’s Gas technical enquiries team on 1800 652 563 or at