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Open flued gas space heaters

Energy Safe Victoria has prohibited the sale of old, unsafe open flued gas space heaters. ‘Unsafe’ refers to heaters that don’t have safety shutdown features. This also includes second-hand heaters.

The prohibition takes effect 1 August 2022.

What are the safety concerns?

It’s possible for open flued gas space heaters to spill carbon monoxide in a negative pressure environment.

Negative pressure can occur when a home isn’t ventilated enough and an exhaust fan is on. For example, when operating a:

  • kitchen range hood
  • bathroom fan
  • roof-mounted exhaust fan.

This can cause external openings such as flues to draw air into the home. That means dangerous gasses such as carbon monoxide can be drawn into living spaces.

A safe open flued gas space heater will shut down if this occurs.

For more information, view the fact sheet – what is negative pressure?

About carbon monoxide

Carbon monoxide (CO) is a poisonous, colourless and odourless gas. CO interferes with the blood’s ability to carry oxygen. This can cause serious health issues and even be fatal.

Maintenance and correct ventilation will ensure gas appliances produce minimal CO.

High CO levels can occur under one or more of the following conditions:

  •  An appliance is faulty or not maintained.
  •  A flue is partially or totally blocked.
  •  An appliance is installed in an area that does not have adequate ventilation.

Further information

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