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Landlords and tenancy

One of ESV’s roles is to promote and educate, to ensure the delivery of safer outcomes to specific industry participants and the broader public. With this in mind, it is important that all Victorians understand their rights and responsibilities to ensure the energy safety of themselves and others.

Landlords and agents share responsibility for ensuring gas and electricity supply and appliances are safe in rented premises.

Landlord responsibilities

Section 68 of the Residential Tenancies Act 1997 requires a landlord to ensure that rented premises are maintained in good repair. This includes all gas and electrical appliances provided by the landlord, which must be safe to use and properly maintained.

This includes ensuring that:

  • Only a licensed gasfitter performs gasfitting work,
  • All appliances are safe for use before re-letting a property,
  • All appliances, pipework and flue systems are installed and maintained correctly,
  • Pipes are correctly sealed if appliances are removed, and
  • All safety checks and details of work done on gas installations are recorded.

Failure to meet legislated responsibilities can cause death, serious injury and/or considerable property damage.

Significant penalties also apply.

Tenant responsibilities

Under the Act, tenants also have various responsibilities, including using appliances according to instructions and reporting appliance faults to the landlord or the landlord’s agent as soon as practicable.

Gas appliances to be tested and serviced

The landlord or the agent and the tenant should work together to ensure that a safety check is done at agreed intervals, and all gas heaters are serviced – at least every two years to reduce the risk of carbon monoxide poisoning.

Urgent gas repairs

If you are a tenant and your agent or landlord is not responding to your request for an urgent gas repair such as a gas leak or your gas-fuelled hot water service has failed or broken down, there are steps you can take to have the appliance repaired or gas leak remedied.

The Consumer Affairs Victoria website provides specific details about what you can do.

If your situation is a potentially life threatening emergency, call 000 immediately and request assistance.

More information

Read about your rights and responsibilities in our Landlords, agents and tenants brochure.

Consumer Affairs Victoria provides information regarding landlords and tenants when one party breaches their responsibilities.

Contact us

If you have any queries in relation to landlord or property manager and tenant’s responsibilities, please contact ESV on 03 9203 9700 or by email on