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Landlords and tenancy

Landlords and agents are responsible for servicing gas heaters in rental properties. Tenants, or renters, must use their heaters correctly and report any issues as soon as possible.

Landlord and agents

As a landlord or agent, you are responsible for:

  • installing and maintaining gas heaters, pipes and flues
  • using only qualified gasfitters for gasfitting work
  • keeping records of safety checks, installations and maintenance work
  • ensuring pipes are safely sealed after removing a gas appliance.

If you do not meet these obligations, you may be responsible for causing property damage or serious harm to someone, such as injury or death. Serious penalties also apply.

Have your gas heater/s serviced by a qualified gastfitter at least every two years.


If you are a tenting or renting a property, ask your landlord or agent about servicing your gas heater regularly.

You should use your gas heater according to the supplier’s instructions.

If your gas heater is broken or faulty, it is your responsibility to report it to your landlord or agent as soon as possible.

When they schedule servicing or repairs, speak with them about providing access to the property at a time that is convenient for you.

If you have an emergency – such as a gas leak or broken hot water system – and your landlord or agent does not respond to your request for urgent repairs, you can take action.

If your situation is a potentially life threatening emergency, call 000 and request assistance.

Learn more about your rights and responsibilities via Consumer Affairs Victoria.

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