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Flues and ventilation

Adequate ventilation and proper flueing are essential for the safe and efficient operation of gas appliances.

If you have an open flue heater, let fresh air flow through the room when the heater is on.

Open-flued heaters use air from inside the house – the same air that you breathe. The heater pulls the air through an opening, to feed a gas flame. This creates CO and other dangerous gases that can spill back into the room, via the opening, and make you very sick or even kill you.

To find out if your heater is open-flued, call the supplier or ask a qualified gasfitter next time you have your heater serviced.

Open-flued heaters

Following recent investigations, ESV believes that open-flued technology is incompatible with newer better sealed, energy efficient homes.

To identify whether your heater is ‘open-flued’, contact the manufacturer or check with your local gasfitter.

  • Let some fresh air into your home when the heater is in use
  • Have your heater serviced at least once every two years, including an inspection of the flue
  • Keep plants and animal nests away from the outdoor end of the flue – this can block the flue and push CO back into the house
  • Consider replacing your heater with a room-sealed heater or split system
  • Never leave your heater on overnight; you will not be able to tell if it starts spilling CO
  • Act quickly if you notice the symptoms of CO poisoning

Read our FAQs to learn more.

Flueless heaters

Flueless heaters can be extremely dangerous. CO and other deadly gases spill directly into your home and mix with the air you breathe.]

Ensure a room is adequately ventilated when an unflued appliance is being used. Unflued gas heaters consume air and release combustion products into the room and can make the room stuffy if there is inadequate ventilation.

There are restrictions on the installation of flueless heaters operating on Natural Gas in Victoria.  Consult with your licensed gasfitter before considering purchasing or installing. This restriction also applies to new and second-hand flueless heaters imported from interstate and overseas. Cabinet heaters are not permitted (mobile heaters containing an LP Gas cylinder).