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Gas supply to new properties

Natural gas and LP Gas are popular choices for home heating, water heating and cooking as well as for industry and commerce.

If you require gas connection at your new property, a builder or consultant must ensure that a gas supply is available and the gas installation has been certified prior to handover.

Arranging gas connection

To have gas connected to your premises, a licensed gasfitter is required to apply for a complex gas installation with ESV or a compliance certificate with the VBA depending on the type of installation.

Compliance certificate or complex gas installation?

Compliance certificates typically apply to most residential dwellings, apartments in buildings up to three-storeys and single shops.

Complex gas installations apply to multiple residential units, motels, hotels, larger commercial buildings, health-care facilities and industrial premises.

Both a certificate and a complex gas installation are required for high-rise apartments over three-storeys or common meter installations.

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