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What to do in a gas emergency

If there is a fire or emergency call 000 immediately.

Gas safety during floods

Energy Safe Victoria has prepared a guide covering gas, LPG cylinder and electricity safety for people affected by floods – access the PDF here.

To report gas leaks or other gas emergencies, call the emergency number on your gas bill for assistance at any time.

If it is safe to do so

  • Attempt to extinguish flames using a fire blanket or an appropriate extinguisher.
  • Turn off the gas at the gas meter or cylinder.

Never ignore your senses.

If you smell gas, take the following precautions

  • Turn off the gas at the meter (natural gas users) or at the tank or cylinder (LP gas users) – only if safe to do so.
  • Extinguish all flames and do not smoke or strike matches.
  • Do not operate electrical switches or devices.
  • If inside a building or home, open doors and windows to ventilate the area.
  • Keep people away from the affected area.

Natural gas leaks

If you suspect the escape of natural gas within your home, contact your gas distributor immediately. Their contact details will be on your last gas bill.

 Multinet Gas Australian Gas Networks AusNet Services
Gas leaks 132 691 1800 Gas Leak or 1800 427 532 13 67 07
Gas supply faults 132 691 1800 898 220 13 67 07
General inquiries   1300 887 501 1300 001 001 1300 360 795

Who is my gas distributor?

There are three gas distributors in Victoria. Each is responsible for a separate geographic region of Victoria.

Each distributor provides information on their website to assist customers in determining whether you are in their area.

  • Multinet Gas covers areas of inner and outer east Melbourne, the Yarra Ranges and South Gippsland.
  • Australian Gas Networks covers north and south-eastern Melbourne and northern and eastern Victoria.
  • AusNet Services covers central and western Victoria.

LP Gas leaks

Most LP Gas storage cylinders and tanks show the name of the gas supplier and emergency contact details. Keep these details close at hand and use them if you suspect your cylinder or tank is leaking.

For information on preparing the LP gas or natural gas in your house or business for bushfires, click here.

Find out more about new, safer LP Gas cylinders.