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ESV’s operations

ESV has closed its Southbank and Glen Waverley offices until further notice but we remain operational.

ESV remains committed to meeting our statutory obligations in order to keep all Victorians safe by continuing to deliver our services to the public and stakeholders during this time. For the foreseeable future, all our staff will work remotely, including field staff, who will continue performing their roles, but will be based from home.

All services including LicensingCOES, Technical Helplines, ESVConnect and GasTrac will remain operational.

We will keep you updated as changes occur. In the meantime, please see below for details regarding specific teams and operating conditions.

Licensing and COES


  • All Licensing services are operating as usual.


  • All services are operating as usual.
  • COES are available through ESVConnect 24/7.
  • Paper COES continue to be dispatched.
  • Audits of COES compliance will continue at this stage.

Electrical safety

Electrical installations Safety (EIS)

  • ESV’s Electrical Technical helpline is operating as usual.
  • Inspections are taking place, ensuring physical distancing is practiced.
  • EIS will continue to respond to complaints and attend serious incidents requiring investigation.
  • Support of the Solar Homes Program continues.

Electrical equipment 

  • ESV will continue addressing issues and complaints.
  • All equipment efficiency registration work continues as normal.
  • Online audits have been increased.
  • Store audits for safety and efficiency have resumed.

Regulatory assurance and REFCLs

  • Asset inspectors will continue as usual, ensuring physical distancing is practiced.
  • The oversight of the REFCL roll out and commissioning process will continue.

Vegetation and line clearance

  • Powerline and vegetation clearance inspections will continue.

Gas and pipeline safety

Incident response

  • ESV will attend all incidents as required – physical distancing will be practiced.
  • Gas inspectors will continue operations.

Audits of Type B and complex installations

  • ESV will take a risk-based approach to inspections of Type B and complex gas installations.
  • Ensuring inspection arrangements allow for physical distancing: if the requirement is unable to be met, an inspection may not occur.
  • Increased auditing: information gained during a remote inspection will determine sites for future audits.

Type A gas appliance and component safety

  • ESV will continue to investigate and respond to incidents resulting from the operation of unsafe Type A gas appliances or gas components.
  • ESV will continue to manage product recalls of gas equipment through remote liaison with the suppliers of unsafe gas equipment and will continue to liaise with the ACCC remotely.

Pipeline inspections

  • ESV will continue to inspect repairs maintenance, replacement and project work on pipelines by taking a risk-based approach.

Auditing performance systems against safety case

  • Compliance audits are being conducted via webex/Skype or Survey Monkey where possible.
  • Project Lifecycle audits have been postponed due to the amount of objective evidence required.

Electrolysis mitigation

  • Audits of cathodic protection systems will continue, ensuring physical distancing is maintained.
  • Area Testing will continue via email, phone and Skype or in person as required.

Complaints, infringements and enforcement

  • Complaints processing and FOI response operate as usual.
  • ESV will continue to process infringements and notices.

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Electrical Technical Helpline


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Gas Technical Helpline


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