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COVIDSafe workplaces and permitted workers

Read our COVIDSafe working FAQs.
ESV understands that industry are seeking clarity on a number of issues around what work is permitted under the current restrictions. We have sought clarification from Government and will provide advice as soon as it is available.


Under Stage 4 restrictions, certain services and industries can remain operational, but will be required by law to have a COVIDSafe Plan.

Victorian Government advice to the electricity, gas and water services industries about onsite work with a COVIDSafe plan is available in this Word document.

Permitted worker scheme and worker permits

Guidelines for the permitted worker scheme and the permit template are available from

From 11:59pm Wednesday 5 August, workplaces in Melbourne must be closed unless:

  • the workplace is part of a permitted activity, or
  • all employees are working from home.

And, employers requiring staff to attend a work site must issue a worker permit to their employees.

Penalties will apply to employers who issue worker permits to employees who do not meet the requirements of the worker permit scheme or who otherwise breach the scheme requirements.


Working across multiple sites

The Permitted Worker Scheme recommends employers should minimise any requirement for employees to work at different sites, however, employees working at more than one site must keep a log of the places visited including date, time and place of attendance.

ESV is seeking further clarification for energy industry workers in relation to work at multiple sites.

Construction sites – worker limits

Be aware of restricted operations when entering a construction site.

A maximum of 25 per cent of the normal workforce is permitted on large scale construction sites and at smaller construction sites a maximum of five workers (including supervisors) is permitted.

Solar installations

Solar installations cannot be carried out on residential properties under Stage 4 restrictions. However, critical repairs can be made where required in a emergency or for safety reasons.

Solar panels can be installed at construction sites, including a residential renovation where the home is full vacated, provided specialist contractors adhere to the worksite’s COVIDSafe Plan and are included in the daily workfore caps.

Guidance for solar installers

Solar Victoria is working with the Government to clarify specific issues and has provided details on their website.

Licensed Electrical Inspectors

Workers that provide building inspection, compliance services or statutory functions, such as Licensed Electricor Inspectors (LEIs), must work from home where possible. If you are required to attend a site for inspection and safety purposes, you are considered a worker. Workers in this category who need to move between sites should visit no more than three times a week, except where those visits are required to meet a minimum statutory obligation or requirement.

Creating a COVIDSafe workplace

Under Stage 4 restrictions, workplaces that remain open are required by law to have a COVIDSafe Plan, unless your business has fewer than 5 employees, however it is recommended as best practice.

Employers must complete their COVIDSafe Plan by 11.59pm Friday, 7 August 2020.

Business Victoria is the primary source for COVIDSafe workplace advice, including

  • employer obligations
  • creating a COVIDSafe Plan, and
  • preparing for a suspected or confirmed case of coronavirus (COVID-19) in your workplace.

Download COVID Safe workplace documents

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