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Plumbers and gasfitters

ESV is Victoria’s independent electricity, gas and pipeline safety and technical regulator and responsible for the implementation and enforcement of standards, codes and policies under the Electricity Safety Act 1998, Gas Safety Act 1997 and Pipelines Act 2005 and their respective regulations.

The Victorian Building Authority (VBA) administers the licensing and registration system for plumbers and gasfitters, and promotes and enforces plumbing standards across Victoria.

When to use a licensed tradesperson

Always use a licensed gasfitter for any installation, repairs or renovations involving gas work. This applies to the installation of hot water systems and gas-fuelled heaters, and for renovations where the disconnection or relocation of gas appliances is required.

Don’t ever undertake gas work yourself or to use a tradesperson who does not have specialist gas knowledge and skills.

Finding a licensed gasfitter

There are around 16,000 plumbers in Victoria, of whom some 7,000 are licensed gasfitters.

Google for a plumber or gasfitter in your area. Choose tradespersons who list their qualifications as part of their advertisement, on their website or contact them and ask if they are a licensed gasfitter. All registered and licensed plumbers are issued with a Photo ID card that lists the type of work they are eligible to do. All practitioners should carry this ID and you can request to see it at any time.

The benefits to you

  • Training and competency – to be a licensed gasfitter, a person must have undertaken the appropriate training to complete gas work safely, including having passed exams for competency and being registered with the VBA.
  • Licensed gasfitters must have insurance – providing a six (6) year warranty on the work they perform.
  • Preserve your manufacturer’s warranty conditions – if appliance installation work is carried out by a licensed tradesperson, your manufacturer’s warranty conditions are not breached.

Compliance certificates

After installing a gas appliance, the licensed gasfitter must give you a compliance certificate.

Your copy of the Compliance Certificate protects you if any problems arise later due to faulty installation. If this occurs, the gasfitter will be required to come back and remedy any installation problem.

You may be offered a ‘cheap’ job excluding the cost of the compliance certificate. This is an offence under the Building Act 1993, denies you a guarantee and prevents the work from being audited for compliance and quality.

More information

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If you have any queries in relation to gas safety around your property or about choosing and using a plumber or gasfitter, please contact ESV on 03 9203 9700 or by email on