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Buying safe appliances

One of ESV’s roles is to educate and inform the community about safety issues with gas and electricity, to improve overall safety outcomes for people, property and the environment.

Gas and electricity are inherently dangerous and care should be taken when buying electrical and gas appliances. Below and on the following pages are some tips for buying safe appliances, and what to watch out for.

Appliances must be approved for use in Australia

When buying a new or second-hand gas or electrical appliance in a store or online, the appliance must be approved as safe for use in Australia.

Items purchased from overseas may not meet Australian safety standards or may not work with our electricity and gas systems. The results of such purchases could be disastrous – with that online bargain costing much more than expected if it can’t be installed, or worse, causes a fire.

Always ensure any new or second-hand gas or electrical appliance has the appropriate approval badge, regulatory compliance mark or unique approval number displayed on the appliance.

It is an offence to sell appliances that do not meet Australian standards and tradespeople are not allowed to install them.

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