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Powerline Bushfire Safety Committee

In 2011 the Victorian Government announced a $750 million Powerline Bushfire Safety program (PBSP). The 10-year program will deliver on recommendations (27 and 32) of the 2009 Victorian Bushfires Royal Commission and aims to reduce the risk of bushfires caused by electrical assets without causing significant impact to electricity supply reliability.

ESV is assisting the Department of Environment, Land, Water and Planning (DELWP) in the roll-out of this program.

About the committee

The Powerline Bushfire Safety Committee (PBSC) was established in 2016 by ESV under Section 8 of its Act.


The PBSC exists to provide the Director of Energy Safety (DoES) with comprehensive expert advice to support ESV in its administration of the Electricity Safety (Bushfire Mitigation) Amendment Regulations 2016 (the regulations) and any advice ESV may, in turn, provide government on further policy changes that maybe required in the light of actual experience.

PBSC documents

All documents drafted by the Powerline Bushfire Safety Committee will be made available for public review. You can find these below.

PBSC Acronyms

View current list of acronyms used across all PBSC meetings.


PBSC Meeting 1 – 05.12.16


PBSC Meeting 2 – 14.03.17


PBSC Meeting 3 – 13.06.17


PBSC Meeting 4 – 12.09.17


PBSC Meeting 5 – 12.12.17


PBSC Meeting 6 – 13.03.18


PBSC Meeting 7 – 12.06.18


PBSC Meeting 8 – 11.09.18


PBSC Meeting 9 – 11.12.18


PBSC Meeting 10 – 04.04.19


PBSC Meeting 11 – 11.06.19


PBSC Meeting 12 – 20.08.19

PBSC Meeting 13 – 10.12.19