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Failure of flexible high pressure pigtails

5 April 2013

ESV has recently received multiple reports from interstate relating to the failure of a new flexible high pressure pigtail (rated at 2.6MPa).

The flexible hose pigtail was one of two hoses connected to:

  • 2 x 45 kg cylinders in a domestic installation with an autochangeover regulator. The failure occurred at the regulator end with the threaded end connector on the hose coming apart at full cylinder pressure.

Failure of integral two-stage LPG regulator

ESV has also been made aware of the failure of an auto changeover regulator that was two years old and was serving 2x 45kg exchange cylinders on a residential property.

The top of the first stage (high pressure) regulator detached allowing the entire contents of the service cylinder to vent. Fortunately, there were no ignition sources nearby and the gas dispersed safely.

It is believed the crimp around the perimeter of the regulator failed allowing the cover to blow off.

ESV is keen to hear from any gasfitter who may be aware of similar incidents in Victoria.

Anyone with information is asked to contact Enzo Alfonsetti, Manager Type A Gas Appliance Safety, at ESV on (03) 9271 5408.