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Avanco DC isolators recalled due to safety concerns

Avanco_DC_isolator_1 Avanco_DC_isolator_2







ESV wishes to advise that Avanco rotary type DC Isolators have been recalled due to concerns that the product may overheat and cause fires.

The recall covers Avanco brand DC solar isolators that were sold from 1 January 2012 – 24 February 2014 with the model numbers:

  • AV/DC4P25A
  • AV/DC2P25A
  • AV/DC4P25AUB
  • AV/DC2P625AU
  • AV/DC2P25AU
  • AV/DC2/2P25AU
  • AV/DC22P125AU
  • AV/DC4P25AU
  • AV/DC4P25AUS
  • AV/DC4P25AUT

The product has an internal fault where a high-resistance connection may form.

If you have installed any of these products or are aware of their use, you are advised to contact the customer and arrange for them to be replaced.

Any PV systems with this isolator should be shut down immediately following the standard shutdown procedure.

The company that distributed the isolators has gone into administration and queries about the recall are being managed by the administrator, SV Partners.

If you would like further information on the recall you can contact SV Partners on (07) 5479 6199 or email

Further details about the recall are available, here.