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Fluidra Group Australia Pty Ltd — AstralPool Gas Swimming Pool Heaters

Water or moisture may enter the ignition module causing it to fail, which may cause a fire.

Consumers should immediately stop using the heater and disconnect the unit from the power supply. Contact Fluidra Group Australia Pty Ltd to arrange for a qualified technician to repair the heater on site.


ESV is the technical regulator responsible for safety (gas and electrical) and our statutory powers are generally linked to safety related actions. When there are disputes relating to a gas product recall we do attempt to assist consumers in getting a resolution to issues, by either providing further information or coordinating with the supplier to address issues, as appropriate.

For the Fluidra recall we are aware of the delays in the remediation process and have been communicating with the supplier to understand the issues. The feedback we have received is that there are delays relating to the high demand for the required parts and gasfitters, which is extending the timeframe to get the relatively large number of appliances remediated. We appreciate this is not a good situation and we can only suggest continuing to communicate with the supplier. If you are still not able to get an acceptable resolution from the supplier then you may have further options under consumer law. ACCC have further details on the resolution process on their website and a link to consumer protection authorities who should be able to assist with further details in understanding your options and enforcing your rights as a consumer. As a technical regulator ESV does not have direct authority over consumer issues, including refunds and reimbursements.