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Energy Safe Victoria Zero Tolerance Strategy

14 November 2018

As a result of recent inspection activity, ESV has identified repeated installation non-compliance involving commercial kitchens and the clearances between grease filters and char grills. The minimum required clearance is 1350 millimetres.

AS/NZS 5601.1:2013 [Amendment 2] Clause, Additional Requirements for Installation of Specific Gas Appliances, Commercial Catering Equipment – Clearances to a Grease Filter states that:

The clearance between any part of a grease filter and the nearest part of the cooking surface or trivet shall not be less than the clearance specified in Table 6.9.

ESV has now added the minimum clearance between grease filters and char grills to its list of zero tolerance fault items.

As of the date of this notification, gas installations that fail to meet the minimum clearance prescribed by the Australian Standard will be escalated to ESV Investigations and will receive an Infringement Notice incurring 4 penalty units for an individual or 20 penalty units for a company.

More information

See ESV’s animated commercial kitchen gas installation guide – A Guide to the Australian Standards for the Installation of Commercial Kitchens and Appliances