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Victorian man convicted after carrying out electrical work while unlicensed

Energy Safe Victoria (ESV) has prosecuted an unlicensed electrical worker whose subpar and unsafe work resulted in a resident receiving an electric shock.

On Thursday, 15 April, the Frankston Magistrates’ Court convicted Aleksander Sagin on six offences and fined him almost $20,000 for electrical and plumbing work he carried out at a property in Murrumbeena.

Mr Sagin was found guilty of three offences under the Electrical Safety Act 1998, including working while unregistered, unlicensed and failing to take precautions to prevent an electric shock.

The Bentleigh East man also breached three provisions under the Building Act 1993 by carrying our water supply, sewage and drainage work while unlicensed or registered. He was fined $17,500 plus $1,800 in costs.

The poor work resulted in a person receiving an electric shock from exposed live conductors that had no protection over them.

ESV Commissioner and Chairperson Marnie Williams said it carried out an investigation into Mr Sagin’s work, finding that he was not a registered electrical contractor, a licensed electrical installation worker nor a registered and licensed plumber.

“I’m utterly appalled at how brazen Mr Sagin’s actions were, not only carrying out works without a licence or registration but putting the lives of the people in that home at risk is completely deplorable,” Ms Williams said.

“We are working hard to ensure dishonest and deceitful people like this are called out and punished to the full extent of the law.

“The reason we register and license electricians is to ensure they are able to deliver safe and high quality work.
“When employing anyone to carry out works in and around your home, please ensure they are licensed and registered to ensure the best possible result.”

The homeowners originally employed Mr Sagin to deliver kitchen, laundry, bathroom and toilet electrical and plumbing renovations at their Murrumbeena property with works carried out in January and February 2019.

As part of the works, he demolished two rooms while installing electrical cabling in the kitchen, laundry, bathroom and toilet. He also installed light switches and socket outlets.

ESV is a statutory body and independent technical regulator responsible for electricity, gas and pipeline safety in Victoria.

ESV’s mission is to work co-operatively and in consultation with the industry and community to facilitate safety outcomes while developing and communicating safety and efficiency requirements and programs.

ESV is also responsible, under the Energy Safety Victoria Act 2005, for monitoring, auditing, and enforcing compliance with the requirements as well as administering licensing, registration and approval systems that maintain safety standards and skills.


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