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Update to Gas information sheet 38

Updates to the information sheet is now available online.

With winter fast approaching, Energy Safe Victoria (ESV) with the assistance of industry, has carried out a review of the suit of Carbon Monoxide information we presently have available for gasfitters.

As a result, Gas information sheet 38 – Using carbon monoxide detection equipment to check gas appliances for spillage has been revised in an attempt to simplify and enhance public safety.

Sheet 38 is an important guide for gasfitters and Type A appliance service people as it outlines how to carry out a test for negative pressure and check for carbon monoxide (CO) spillage. These checks should be completed as part of a comprehensive service of open flued gas appliances.

ESV has also drafted a carbon monoxide spillage test report sheet to assist you in carrying out both a negative pressure test and CO spillage test.

Find ESV’s revised Gas information sheet 38, here.