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Safety advice for households without electricity supply due to load shedding

25 January 2019

Victoria’s energy safety regulator, Energy Safe Victoria, provides the following advice for households who remain without power following the implementation of load shedding by the Australian Energy Market Operator (AEMO).

  • If supplies have not been restored to homes, householders must not connect generators or perform other electrical work around the home. Such practice is both illegal and dangerous. Electrical work can only be carried out by licensed electricians.
  • Households still without power after electricity supply has been restored should seek the help of their network provider. The problem could be a fault in the supply line to the property, or a fault within the property’s electrical installation.
  • If there are continuing power supply problems within properties, an electrician licensed by Energy Safe Victoria must be engaged to perform any electrical repair work. Contact a registered electrical contractor. A list of electricians can be found on the ESV’s Find A Tradie tool on our website.
  • When there is a power cut, make sure heating and cooking appliances are turned off (there is a risk of fire if they come back on and there is no one at the property,).

In the case of emergencies, households are advised to contact their network provider.

Relevant contact details can be found on electricity bills or on the ESV website, here.

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