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Getting the air conditioner installation right

Victorians looking to take advantage of the Victorian Government’s reverse-cycling air conditioner rebates should ensure their installer has the right qualifications.

Energy Safe Victoria and the Victorian Building Association (VBA) have developed a fact sheet to support people applying to the Victorian Government’s Household Energy Savings package. Part of the package are rebates for households that install an efficient reverse-cycle heater and cooler to replace their old gas, electric or wood-fire heater.

It is expected that rebates will be provided to 250,000 low income households.

The ESV and VBA fact sheet is available here. Any plumber engaged to install or replace air conditioners must have the following:

  • A licence and registration from the VBA
  • A refrigerant handling licence issued by the Australian Refrigeration Council
  • A electrician’s licence (A grade) or alternately they must engage a Registered Electrical Contractor (REC) licensed by Energy Safe Victoria.

Householders should get an ESV Certificate of Electrical Safety and a VBA Plumbing Compliance Certificate once the installation is complete.

Only properly trained, licenced and insured installers can provide you with these mandatory certificates that ensure your warranty for the appliance and the installation is guaranteed.