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ESV’s DDIY campaign features on 7’s Sunrise – Weekend edition

On the Saturday edition of Channel 7’s Weekend Sunrise, our DDIY – Don’t Do it Yourself campaign, which draws on the YouTube tutorial format to promote the importance of hiring a licensed electrician, instead of doing your own electrical work, was featured in the ‘Masters of advertising’ segment, with Jane Caro and Matthew Bywater.

After watching our ad, industry stalwart Jane Caro commented “I think it’s really good. It’s simple, it’s clear, and it really sends a very serious message about the tendency for some people to want to do everything themselves. I have a husband who is a little bit like that. We have ended up in hospital a couple of times. So, I’m very much on the, “Let’s not do it yourselves.””

Watch the Sunrise segment (from 1 hr 55 mins 10 sec) and read about our DDIY campaign.

DDIY – campaign messages

  • Never do your own electrical work
  • ALWAYS call a licensed electrician