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ESV publishes Victorian Network Safety Performance Report

Energy Safe Victoria (ESV) has published its 2021 Network Safety Performance Report highlighting activities of the state’s major electricity companies.

The report reviews each company’s performance between 1 July 2020 to 30 June 2021, including common themes and issues faced by the industry as a whole. It also provides details of major incidents that occurred and investigations and enforcement actions undertaken by ESV throughout the year.

ESV chief executive Leanne Hughson said the report was a comprehensive safety overview of Victoria’s energy industry.

Ms Hughson said the report advances awareness on a range of energy safety issues and campaigns, including the impact of weather and climate, vegetation clearance by the electricity companies and councils, powerline and power pole safety, and the deployment of Rapid Earth Fault Current Limiters. While the report raises awareness about the performance of the networks, enhancing community safety comes from effective oversight and enforcement in the ongoing endeavour to prevent harm. ESV remains resolute in its drive to make its expectations clear, increase its capacity to effectively enforce the legislation it administers and, where that legislation is found wanting, seek its revision to make our enforcement powers more effective.

“This report provides both a broad overview of network safety performance across the state as a whole and a deeper dive into the performance of each of the network businesses.” Ms Hughson said.

“Unfortunately one farmer lost his life this year due to contact with overhead powerlines. A further five farming and construction workers were similarly injured and could have also been fatalities. ESV will continue working with these industries to raise awareness of the risks posed by powerlines and to investigate and deploy technologies that will protect workers and the public.”

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