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Build aware inspections taking place in Melbourne, Port Phillip and Stonnington

Five Victorian building regulators from the joint initiative ‘Build Aware’ will inspect building, construction and demolition sites across the cities of Melbourne, Port Phillip and Stonnington, to check whether operators are complying with the law.

The week-long event involves the Victorian Building Authority, WorkSafe Victoria, Consumer Affairs Victoria, Energy Safe Victoria and Environment Protection Authority Victoria.

The program provides the regulators with the opportunity to work together to deliver joined-up building industry oversight, of important Victorian laws that protect owners, builders and the community.

The Build Aware program aims to raise awareness and ensure that people working on sites understand their obligation to comply with building, construction, environment, plumbing, and occupational health and safety laws and regulations.

Inspectors will visit sites from Monday 13 to Friday 17 November, to check that you are complying with the laws and regulations these agencies administer.

For more information, visit their websites:

The regulators will also host an information breakfast on 10 November from 7:00am at the Mitre 10 store in Caulfield. This is an opportunity for locals in the building industry to hear more from the regulators about what the Build Aware program will involve, and ask questions directly.

The three cities selected for the program are experiencing significant growth. Other areas will be visited in the future.