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2019-2022 Corporate Plan released

On 29 October, ESV published it’s Corporate Plan for 2019 to 2022.

The Energy Safe Victoria Act 2005 establishes the Corporate Plan as the key instrument by which ESV operates.

This 2019-2022 Corporate Plan outlines our vision, purpose and values, our jurisdictional reach across the energy industry and how we are organised to regulate the industry for the next four years.

It describes the strategic environment we are facing, especially the transformation in markets, technologies and participants, what this means regarding regulatory implications, new risks and hazards and what we will do about it.

The plan also covers the principal hazards and harm reduction we are focusing on across industry, how we will allocate our resources to ensure the safe generation, distribution and supply of energy and how we utilise our strategy enablers – Culture and Resources, Technology, Data Analytics, and Communications and Marketing to ensure we achieve our corporate objectives.

Read the Corporate plan here.