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Replace a licence card

If your licence card has been lost or stolen, ESV will issue a free replacement.

Identity theft is a serious offence

If your card was stolen, you must report the circumstances to the police, as it could be used to steal your identity and cause injury to your professional reputation.

What you must do for a replacement card

In order to have your card replaced, complete and forward ESV a statutory declaration.

A statutory declaration is a written statement that a person signs and declares to be true and correct before an authorised witness.

By signing it, you agree that the information in it is true, and you can be charged with perjury if the information is false.

More information about statutory declarations in Victoria can be found at Vic Justice, including who can be an authorised witness.

The declaration must clearly state your current address details and the licence number on the card to be reissued.

Once this is completed, forward it to ESV at:

Energy Safe Victoria
Licensing and registration team
Energy Safe Victoria
PO Box 262

Contact our Licensing team

If you need assistance with ESV’s online forms or have a query about replacing a lost or stolen licence card, contact our Licensing and Registration team directly on 1800 815 721 or send an email to and we will attend to your query as soon as possible.

If you call the Licensing team after 4 pm, leave a message and one of our team will return your call the following business day.