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Electrical training and assessment providers

Whether you are starting out or have years of experience, ESV encourages all electrical workers to undertake further training to develop their skills.

Listed below are the assessment centres approved by ESV, and various education centres that provide electrical training.

Electrical assessment


The Licensed Electrician’s Theory (LET) assessment may be facilitated by:


The Licensed Electrician’s Practical (LEP) may be facilitated by:


The Safe Working Practice (SWP) assessment may be facilitated by:

Restricted Licence

Class 2

Class 2 Restricted Licence assessment may be facilitated by:

Class 1

Class 1 Restricted Licence assessment may be facilitated by:

Licensed Electrical Inspection

G Class Theory

LEI G Class theory assessment may be facilitated by:

G Class Practical and Safe Approach

LEI G Class practical and Safe Approach, assessment:

Switchgear Workers Licence


Switchgear Licence theory assessment may be facilitated by:


Switchgear Licence practical assessment is facilitated by:

Electrical training providers

Electrical training is also offered by the following organisations:

Electrical Contracting

A Registered Electrical Contactors (REC) business course may be facilitated by:

 (ESV may accept evidence of a REC business course conducted at a training provider that is not listed above. To confirm if the course you wish to undertake is accepted, please consult the Licensing team.)

Contact our Licensing team

You can contact our licensing team in the following ways;

  • Complete our contact us form.
  • Via the ‘ask a question’ portal on ESVConnect.
  • Send an email to and your query will be attended to as soon as possible.
  • Contact our Licensing and Registration team directly on 1800 815 721 between the following hours:
Monday, Thursday, Friday — 9:00am to 4:00pm
Tuesday — 12:30pm to 4:00pm
Wednesday — 9:00am to 12:30pm