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Working in Victoria with overseas qualifications

Electrical workers who have qualifications obtained outside Australia and/or New Zealand and wish to carry out electrical installation work in Victoria may be eligible to apply for a Victorian electrical worker’s licence.

You must have a licence issued by ESV to work in Victoria.

While you may be qualified in your home country, those qualifications must be assessed by Trades Recognition Australia (TRA) or their nominated training providers before an application can be lodged with ESV. ESV does not assess overseas qualifications.

More information is available online at TRA or contact TRA on 1300 360 992.

Obtaining a Supervised Worker’s licence (L)

If your qualifications meet Victoria’s requirements, TRA will issue an Offshore Technical Skills Record (OTSR) or TRS assessment outcome letter, which can be used to apply to ESV for a Supervised Worker’s Licence. The Safe Working Practice assessment required to obtain this licence will be carried out as part of your OTSR assessment.

Applicants are also required to meet non-skill licensing requirements.

Gap training

Once you have been issued an OTSR and obtained a Supervised Workers Licence, you must complete Australian Context Gap Training. Successful completion of this training will earn the applicant a Certificate III Electrotechnology Electrician.

The registered training organisations offering the Course in Electrician – Minimum Context Gap Course (course code: 10809NAT) are:



Western Australia

South Australia

New South Wales

Applicants who hold this Certificate are then eligible to sit the Licensed Electrician’s Assessment (LEA), which is mandatory to earn an Electrician’s Licence. Some registered training organisations (RTOs) offer optional preparation courses to undertake the Licensed Electrician’s Assessment (LEA), which may assist with these assessments.

Upgrading to an Electrician’s licence

You must work under supervision for more than 12 months before you can apply for an Electrician’s licence.

During this time, applicants must have completed the LEA Theory and Practical assessments at a centre approved by ESV to carry out the assessments.

To have a Supervised licence upgraded, you will need to log into your ESVConnect account and complete the eligibility checker to confirm you meet the criteria to upgrade your licence.

Please ensure you have the following documentation:

  • OTSR Certificate (provided to a successful OSAP applicant)
  • Certificate III Electrotechnology Electrician
  • LEA Certificate of Completion (or Capstone Assessment in another state or territory)
  • Applicants must also be able to demonstrate 12 months’ wiring and installation work experience, and
  • The applicable licence fee.


The Offshore Skills Assessment Program (OSAP) is for persons who require a skills assessment to apply to the Department of Home Affairs for a skilled migration visa.

A skills assessment determines if you have the skills and experience necessary to work in Australia at the required level for your occupation.

Detailed information about the OSAP, obtaining an Offshore Technical Skills Record (OTSR) and the pathway to electrical licensing is available from Trades Recognition Australia. There you can also find a Trade Recognition Services (TRS) training provider.

Australian Recognised Trade Certificate (ARTC)

Prior to 30 September 2014

Applicants who received an Australian Recognised Trade Certificate prior to 30 September 2014 can still use this as evidence of overseas skills assessment.

An ARTC holder who is an Electrical Mechanic must undertake the Licensed Electrician’s Assessment in its entirety at a centre approved by ESV to carry out assessments.

You can also apply to ESV for a Supervised Worker’s Licence after completing the Safe Working Practices (SWP) assessment. Some registered training organisations (RTOs) offer optional preparation courses to undertake the Licensed Electrician’s Assessment (LEA), which may assist with these assessments.

An ARTC holder who is an Electrical Fitter or Electrical Fitter (Instruments) can seek to undertake the Safe Working Practice Assessment at a centre approved by ESV to carry out assessments to apply for a Supervised Worker’s Licence.

Holders of this licence will be able to apply for an Electrician’s Licence once they can provide evidence of 12 months’ installation experience and have completed the Practical and Theory assessments of the LEA.

You will need to create a user profile in ESVConnect, complete the eligibility checker to ensure you meet the criteria.

Please ensure you have the following documentation:

  • TRA Certificate (ARTC), and
  • Licensed Electrician’s Assessment (LEA) results (for an Electricians Licence) or Safe Working Practices (SWP) assessment result (for a Supervised Workers Licence).

Your responsibilities

As a licence holder, it is your responsibility to understand the legislation and regulations and work in accordance with them:

Contact us

You can contact our licensing team in the following ways:

Monday, Thursday, Friday — 9:00am to 4:00pm
Tuesday — 12:30pm to 4:00pm
Wednesday — 9:00am to 12:30pm