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Responsibilities of a business supervisor

A Business Supervisor for a Registered Electrical Contractor (REC) must understand and comply with the applicable sections of the following legislation:

  • Electricity Safety Act 1998 (The Act), and
  • Electricity Safety (Registration and Licensing) Regulations 2020


Registration obligations

The Business Supervisor for a REC is responsible for the business management and administration of the electrical contracting work.

A Business Supervisor must:

  • ensure the electrical contractor’s registration is active and renewed before its expiry
  • ensure the contact details for the REC are current
  • ensure the business and/or company name for the REC (if applicable), are currently registered with ASIC
  • ensure the REC holds the prescribed insurance
  • ensure any advertisement, notice or statement includes the registered number of the REC
  • ensure a register of technical supervisors, licensed electrical installation workers and operators who are employed by the contractor is current
  • ensure the REC only employs licensed electrical installation workers in respect of electrical installation work of that class i.e. ‘A’ grade Electrician, Restricted Electrical Licence holder, Switchgear Worker
  • not permit a person to carry out on the contractor’s behalf, or direct a person to carry out, any electrical installation work that does not comply with the Act or the Regulations

Qualification requirements

The acceptable qualifications for a person to be nominated as a Business Supervisor are:

  • Completion of a Registered Electrical Contractors Business Course that is approved by ESV and completed after 1999, or
  • Evidence that the nominated Business Supervisor has managed an electrical contracting business for five years or more, or
  • Evidence that the nominated Business Supervisor is currently listed as the Business Supervisor for a current Victorian or interstate Electrical Contractors Registration, or
  • Evidence of completion of an assessment or course of training that is assessed by Energy Safe Victoria to be at least of an equivalent standard to a Registered Electrical Contractors Business Course

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