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Changing registration details

It is the responsibility of the licensed individual or business to ensure ESV is informed of any changes to their registration information, such as business type, contact details or the addition of a nominee.

Most changes to registration details can be requested via ESVConnect. All required evidentiary documentation must be scanned and attached.

Alternatively, changes to registration details together with supporting documentation can be made by:

Changing the applicant

The applicant is the person responsible for the registration. To change the applicant, advise ESV in writing on company letterhead, providing the full name of the applicant to be removed and the new applicant’s full name, date of birth, address, and effective start date. As the registration is being transferred to another person, ESV requires a Certificate of Currency showing current public liability insurance is in place.

If registered as a Corporation, an ASIC List of Directors no older than six (6) weeks is also required.

If you are unsure who the responsible person currently is, you can find out by logging into ESVConnect.

Changing the type of registration

Sole proprietor to a partnership

If the business is changing from a sole proprietor to a partnership, the following details are required:

Partnership to a sole proprietor

If the business is changing from a sole proprietor to a partnership, the following details are required:

Sole proprietor or partnership to a corporation (company)

If the business is changing from a sole proprietor or partnership to a corporation, the following details are required:

ESV requires all Electrical Contractors applying for Corporation Registration to acknowledge that by changing to a corporation or applying as a company, the registration number allocated will remain with the company and the ACN to which it has applied or is updated for. It can only be continued as a result of Changing the Company Name, and retaining the same ACN. It cannot be transferred between different company names. The request for change to a corporation must be signed by the REC holder or a Company Director, or by a person suitably authorised to act on the Directors’ behalf.

If changing your registration type, consider whether you need to update the following:

  • ABN
  • Stationery
  • Vehicles (advertising)
  • Insurance details.

Changing of company name

It is important to note that if a company wishes to change its company name, it can only be done if the Australian Company Number (ACN) for the new company is the same as the previous company. If the ACN for the new company is different to the previous company, then you will be required to apply for a new REC Number for the new company.

As long as the ACN for the new company is the same as that for previous company, you may request the change of company name by providing the following details:

  • Written advice signed by a currently listed Business Supervisor for the REC on company letterhead requesting the change. The letter must include the company name and any associated trading names and the ACN for the company

Adding a business name

To add a business name, written advice signed by a currently listed Business Supervisor for the REC on letterhead requesting the change is required. The letter must provide the details of the changes to the registration, a copy of the Business Name Certificate and a copy of the updated Certificate of Currency, which correctly reflects the business name.

Please provide this information via email to

For example:

Joe Smith Sole proprietor
Joe Smith Trading as Smith Electrics Sole proprietor with business name
Joe & Joanne Smith Partnership
Joe & Joanne Smith trading as Smith Electrics Partnership with business name
Smith Electrics Pty Ltd Corporation
Smith Electrics Pty Ltd trading as Smith Electrics Corporation with business name

Adding or changing a supervisor

Supervisor changes must be requested in writing via email or letter. The request must include:

  • written request from the REC holder or Company Director requesting the addition of the Technical and/or Business Supervisor. If submitting a letter, it must be currently dated and signed by the REC holder or Company Director
  • completed Technical and/or Business Supervisor Nomination Form
  • supporting evidence for the Technical and/or Business Supervisor (refer to the form for details on supporting documents).

Read more on adding on changing a Business and technical supervisor.

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