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Electrician’s licence (A/ A/E)

An electrician’s licence entitles the licence holder to carry out all types of electrical installation work in Victoria without supervision.

This licence does not allow the holder to carry out electrical installation work for profit or reward. In Victoria. To contract for profit or reward, including sub-contracting, a Registered Electrical Contractors registration must be also held.


You may apply for an Electrician’s licence if you fall under one of the following categories. Go to ESVConnect and create a user profile to check your eligibility.

You have:

  • satisfactorily completed the Licensed Electrician’s Assessment (LEA) conducted by an assessment centre approved by ESV
  • hold a Certificate III in Electrotechnology Electrician or equivalent
  • completed a four-year contract of training as an apprentice electrician, including at least 12 months’ experience carrying out electrical installation work with written confirmation by the employer. See sample: A-Grade application support letter.
  • a letter of completion confirming the completion of your apprenticeship from the VRQA
  • the application fee.


In this instance, you would need to submit the following evidence with your application:


In this instance, you would need to submit the following evidence with your application:

  • Letter of Completion confirming the completion of your Apprenticeship from Skills Victoria and the Certificate of Proficiency as an Electrical Fitter
  • evidence of 12 months’ experience in electrical installation work since being issued with a Supervised Worker’s Licence e.g. a letter from your employer providing details of your experience (see sample: A-Grade application support letter)
  • Licensed Electrician’s Assessment (LEA) assessment result letters, and
  • the application fee.


The applicant’s standard of qualifications, proficiency and experience in electrical installation work is at least of an equivalent standard to the scenarios listed above. Therefore, the applicant may already be licensed in another state or territory, or have completed similar requirements outside Victoria, that may be acceptable.

Your responsibilities

As a licensed electrician, it is your responsibility to understand the legislation and regulations in place at any time and work in accordance with them.

It is also your responsibility to certify:

  • that the electrical installation work is completed in accordance with the Australian New Zealand Wiring Rules (AS/NZS 3000) and any other relevant standards,
  • all testing is completed in accordance with the legislation, regulations and Wiring Rules, and
  • the relevant certificate of compliance within certificates of electrical safety is signed.


Refer to the Electrical licensing fees page for application fees.

Application fees must be paid at the time a licence application is submitted. Credit card payment is required.

Renewing your Electrician’s licence

Licence renewal is for a five-year period. Refer to the Electrical licensing fees page for renewal fees.

ESV will send an email reminder to you 3 months prior to your licence expiry.

It is your responsibility to ensure your licence is current and ESV has the correct contact details for you.

Energy Safe Victoria must cancel the licence of an electrical worker who does not apply for renewal of the licence by the renewal date specified on the licence card.

Read more about renewing a licence or replacing a licence.

You can renew your licence via the ESVConnect portal with a Credit card.

Acceptable qualifications for an electrician’s licence

(Under a contract of training as an apprentice)

  • UEE 30811 
    • Certificate III, Electrotechnology, Electrician (UEE11)
  • UEE 30807
    • Certificate III, Electrotechnology, Electrician (UEE07)
  • UEE 30806
    • Certificate III, Electrotechnology, Electrician (UEE06)
  • UTE 31199
      • Certificate III, Electrotechnology, Systems Electrician (UTE99)
    • Certificate III – Electrical (Electrician)
    • Certificate of Proficiency – Electrical Mechanic
    • Certificate of Proficiency – Electrical Mechanics

Contact Us

You can contact our licensing team in the following ways;

Monday, Thursday, Friday — 9:00am to 4:00pm
Tuesday — 12:30pm to 4:00pm
Wednesday — 9:00am to 12:30pm