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Electrical licences

Energy Safe Victoria (ESV) is the independent technical regulator responsible for electricity, gas and pipeline safety in Victoria.

We are also responsible for licensing and registering all electricians and electrical tradespersons – a requirement to undertake electrical work in Victoria – and as such ESV provides various services and support to electricity professionals and those seeking to be licensed and develop their skills.

Below and on the following pages are links to important information for electricity professionals in relation to licensing and registration.

Electrical licence types

Follow the links below for information on these licence types:

Licensing fees

Refer to ESV’s fee structure for each licence type.

Application fees include a $70 non-refundable administration component.

Application fees must be paid at the time a licence application is submitted.

Credit card payments are preferred.

Your responsibilities

As a licensed and registered electrician, you have regulatory responsibilities.

To understand what’s expected of you as a licensed worker, click here.

Renewing a licence

ESV will send a renewal notice to the last known address at least two months prior to the expiry date of a current licence.

It is your responsibility to ensure your licence is current and ESV has your current address and contact details. Renewal must be completed prior to expiry, otherwise your licence will expire and ESV may require a new application at the new application fee rate.

Read more about renewing a licence or replacing a licence.

Renew your licence via ESV’s online services. Credit card payments are preferred, but if paying by cheque or money order, they must be payable to ‘Energy Safe Victoria.’

Contact us

If you need assistance with online forms or have a query about licensing, contact our Licensing team on 1800 815 721. Please note contact hours below.

Monday, Thursday, Friday — 9:00am to 4:00pm
Tuesday — 12:30pm to 4:00pm
Wednesday — 9:00am to 12:30pm

Alternatively, you can send your enquiry to