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Defects list

Online defects list for electrical installation work

An online defects list is provided to assist the electrical industry to correctly record defects as required by the Electricity Safety (Installations) Regulations on Certificates of Inspection or Audit Forms.

The online list can be filtered by Defect Type and key words used to search the Defect Description.


Where the electrical installation work being inspected and/or audited, does not comply with the minimum requirements of the relevant section of the Act, regulation or clause of the Standards, the defect number allocated to that particular section/regulation/clause must be identified on the Certificate of Inspection or the Audit Form.

Electrical installations work defects

The following criteria has been utilised to allocate the selection of ‘Unsafe’ defects in the defect list.

  • Immediately unsafe: the ability for a person to make contact with exposed metal that may be live or may become live when energised where only one action is
    required by a person or animal to come into contact with those live parts; and,
  • Any requirements of the Legislation and or Standards intended to protect persons and livestock from electric shock hazards that may arise from the use of an
    electrical installation.

An electrical installation or electrical installation work deemed unsafe by an Electrical Inspector or Electrical Auditor must be isolated from supply, or the individual circuit disconnected and made safe.

Data collection

Data collected from defects identified on the Certificate of Inspection and completed audits will be used for future targeted education and training.

Note: Energy Safe Victoria no longer provides descriptive content to each defect identified in the COES defect recording system.