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COES for consumers

A Certificate of Electrical Safety (COES) must be provided for all electrical installation work and issued within 30 calendar days of the completion of that work.

If an electrician refuses to provide a COES, and you are the customer, you can make a complaint about a tradesperson to ESV.

An electrician may charge you an additional fee for the administration of COES.

Under the Electricity Safety Act 1998 (the Act), a copy of each COES must be provided to the customer of an electrician and to ESV.

Safety audits on electrical work

Work completed under a COES may be audited by inspectors appointed by ESV to verify that electrical work is safe and compliant.

Auditors contracted by ESV may visit your home and ask to view the electrical work. They have ID cards and will leave a copy of the brochure ‘Safety audit of electricity work’.

Requesting a copy of a COES

You can perform a search to identify if an online COES has been generated for electrical work completed at your property, here.

If you are the owner or occupant of a property or you are the customer and have not received your COES copy, or have lost it, complete and return the COES application form to ESV to request a copy of the COES.


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Energy Safe Victoria
COES application form
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It may take up to 10 business days to process an application for a COES, not including additional time required to obtain a copy from the LEIW or REC via the complaints process.

There is no guarantee a COES will be provided, even after this process is completed.

Obtaining a COES is not always possible, even when a person is entitled to a copy.

Additionally, the Act only requires a Licensed Electrical Installation Worker (LEIW) or Registered Electrical Contractor (REC) to retain a copy of a COES for three years. ESV will not actively pursue anything beyond this period.

Other persons

Anyone else may request a copy of a COES via a Freedom Of Information (FOI) request.

Urgently required COES

If a COES is urgently required, you should consider hiring another REC to check the electrical work completed and ask them to provide a COES for that inspection. You may find an REC in your area by checking your local trades directory, community advertising or via an internet search.

Contact us

For advice and information about COES contact our COES team in the following ways: