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Gas information sheet 43: Replacement of gas components for Type A gas appliances

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This information sheet has been designed to assist gasfitters in making an informed decision when contemplating gas component replacement for Type A gas appliances.

If you are called to service or repair a gas appliance and find a component is faulty this usually entails removal of the faulty component and the installation of a new component to restore the appliance to normal operation.

All Type A gas appliances are required to be certified before being offered for sale. Certification also includes an assessment of the gas components within the appliance to ensure they are suitable to operate for the expected life of the appliance and operate under the conditions to which they will be exposed.

Note: Please note gasfitters are responsible for ensuring that the work performed on a gas appliance is conducted correctly and when work is complete the appliance is left in a safe condition. Always conduct basic safety checks to ensure the appliance is operating correctly and safely.

Replacement components

Before installing a new component it is essential that you confirm the replacement component is appropriate.

As a general rule, all replacement components installed in a gas appliance should be identical to the faulty components being removed. This will ensure that the operation of the appliance remains unchanged. As long as the parts are identical, the actual sourcing of the part is not restricted to any specific parts supplier.

While in most situations replacements will occur on a “like-for-like” basis, there are circumstances where it is acceptable to refit a different component to a Type A gas appliance. This will normally only occur when the appliance manufacturer or supplier has organised for the certification of the appliance to include a number of different component options, all of which have been demonstrated to perform equivalently.

Where multiple components are approved for use with an appliance then any of the alternatives specified can be used. The manufacturer will generally list the alternative options in the instruction or service manual, or will specify the appropriate control when a replacement component is ordered.

It is expected that replacement components will fit without any alterations, but if the replacement component is not an exact match the manufacturer or supplier will provide instructions and any necessary adapters to fit the component as required.

Sourcing replacement components

Replacement parts can be sourced from the appliance supplier or agent, particularly for newer appliances still under warranty. If you are obtaining a part from an alternative supplier look closely at the part to ensure it is the same as the one that was removed.

Where a suitable replacement component is not available then you may be limited to either replacing the faulty appliance or decommissioning it.

Note: If replacement components are installed that differ from the certified components then it is no longer possible to rely on the testing and certification of the appliance to ensure acceptable and safe operation under all normal conditions.

If in doubt over the suitability or equivalence of a component then you should contact the appliance supplier or manufacturer and request clarification.

Consequence of using unsuitable components

Using an unsuitable component can compromise the performance of the appliance, pushing the component outside its intended operating range and increasing the potential for failure or other serious consequences.

The consequence of a part failing prematurely can include additional inconvenience and expense from needing to return and replace the component and, in extreme circumstances, can result in the product failing catastrophically and causing damage to the appliance and surrounds.

Further information

If there are any questions relating to the requirements for replacement components you can contact ESV on 1800 652 563.