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Gas Information Sheet 48: Obtaining approval for an uncertified Type A gas appliance

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This gas information sheet provides information about how to obtain approval for an individual Type A gas appliance that has not been certified under an authorised Australian acceptance scheme.

Authorised acceptance schemes

Authorised acceptance schemes (overseen by Australian certification bodies) exist for various gas appliance types. However, Australian certification may not have been approved for one-off Type A gas appliances (imported types in particular).

A licensed gasfitter may only install a Type A gas appliance if:

  • there is documented proof of Australian certification
  • the appliance carries a certification badge from an authorised acceptance scheme. Certification badges (stickers or plates) are provided by the Australian Gas Association (AGA), SAI Global, the International Association of Plumbing and Mechanical Officials (IAPMO), Global-Mark, Vipac, BSI Group, or Energy Safe Victoria (ESV).

The Gas Technical Regulators Committee (GTRC) National Certification Database ( also provides information about appliance certification. If an appliance is listed as certified then a licensed gasfitter may install it.

Type A gas appliance approval

Several options exist if certification cannot be established:

  • The appliance should be replaced with an Australian certified Type A gas appliance.
  • If an acceptance scheme already exists for the appliance, an application should be made to an Australian certification body under the relevant scheme (as authorised under Division 5 of the Gas Safety Act 1997).
  • If no acceptance scheme exists, then an application can be submitted to ESV, as described in Regulation 8 and Schedule 2 “Information to Be Supplied by Persons Seeking Acceptance of an Appliance”, of the Gas Safety (Gas Installation) Regulations 2018. The application will require evidence of prior laboratory testing of the appliance (at the applicant’s expense).

Making a written application to ESV for approval and certification

A written application to ESV for approval and certification must contain the following information:

  1. The applicant’s full name, address, Australian business or company number (ABN or ACN), and contact details.
  2. Details of test results received from a testing agency accepted by ESV:
  3. Appliance details including (where relevant) the:
    1. manufacturer’s name
    2. model identification
    3. maximum and minimum gas consumption (MJ/h)
    4. nominal gas consumption
    5. gas type(s)
    6. maximum and minimum gas supply pressures
    7. gas pressure at the burner head for the maximum and minimum gas consumption
    8. gas pressure at the burner head for the nominal gas consumption
    9. burner ignition details (pilots, etc.)
    10. flueing details
    11. installation instructions.
  4. Component details including (where relevant) the:
    1. manufacturer’s name
    2. model identification
    3. gas type(s)
    4. maximum and minimum gas supply pressures
    5. rated working pressure
    6. maximum and minimum gas flow rates
    7. electrical specifications, ratings, etc.
    8. acceptance number issued under an acceptance scheme authorised by ESV.
  5. Valve train schematic diagram clearly indicating:
    1. all components (including brand and model)
    2. rated working pressure of all components
    3. proposed settings of all adjustable devices.
  6. Appliance electrical circuit diagram in ladder-logic format clearly indicating:
    1. safety and control circuits
    2. details of all major components (including brand and model)
    3. Method of operation of all major components.

As part of the approval process, ESV will:

  • consider the application and advise if it is satisfactory
  • inspect the appliance and, if deemed satisfactory, affix a Type A approval badge (representing ESV’s full approval of the appliance, which can then be installed by a licensed gasfitter).

Further information

Contact ESV’s Technical Information Line on 1800 652 563, or email


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