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Gas information sheet 48: Individual Type A gas appliance approval

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This information sheet outlines the process for attaining individual Type A gas appliance approval.
A flow chart is provided to assist you.

For many gas appliances there are authorised acceptance schemes (certification bodies) available, however for individual Type A gas appliances (some of which may have been brought in from overseas) certification may not be a practical option. If you have proof of Australian certification for your individual Type A gas appliance, a licensed gasfitter may install it.

If you do not have the documentation to confirm Australian certification, then look for certification badges on your appliance. Certification badges (stickers or plates) are provided by the AGA, SAI Global, IAPMO, Global-Mark, Vipac or ESV. Also investigate the GTRC National Certification Database at to identify if your appliance has certification. Again, if you find that your appliance is certified then a licensed gasfitter may install it.

If you cannot establish certification you have the option to submit an application to Energy Safe Victoria to obtain approval. This option will require your gas appliance to be laboratory tested, and will be a cost to you. The other option is to replace your individual Type A gas appliance with an Australian certified Type A gas appliance instead.

Energy Safe Victoria may decide not to accept your application if an acceptance scheme, authorised under Division 5 of the Gas Safety Act 1997, exists for the appliance. In that case you will need to follow that course of action. If no acceptance scheme is available for your appliance you will need to submit an application as described in Regulation 9 (for new Type A appliances) or Regulation 10 (for second-hand Type A appliances) of the Gas Safety Regulations 2008.

For new and second-hand gas appliances where there is no evidence of Australian certification your written application must contain:

  1. Your name, address and contact details.
  2. Date of application.
  3. Details of test results received from a NATA accredited laboratory.
  4. Details of the appliance to be accepted
    1. Manufacturer’s name
    2. Model identification
    3. Maximum and minimum gas consumption (MJ/h)
    4. Nominal gas consumption
    5. Gas type/s
    6. Maximum and minimum gas supply pressures
    7. Gas pressure at burner head for the maximum and minimum gas consumption
    8. Gas pressure at burner head for the nominal gas consumption
    9. Burner ignition details (pilots, etc.)
    10. Flueing details
    11. Installation instructions.
  5. A valve train schematic diagram.
  6. The appliance electrical circuit diagram (if applicable).

ESV will consider your application and advise you if it is satisfactory. Once ESV is satisfied that approval can proceed, it will inspect and then affix a Type A approval badge to the appliance. If your appliance is approved a licensed gasfitter may install it.

For more information contact the Technical Helpline on 1800 652 563.